Railway Logistics

Railway – Well Connected at Any Time

Railway transportation is not only particularly sustainable, but is also faster than shipping and cheaper than air operations. But it is not always possible to use rail transport for the entire journey. We therefore handle the pick-up and final delivery runs for you and combine several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains. We have tri-modal rail ports available at several locations for this purpose. So, railway transport is often the most sensible solution. Shipments can often be handled faster by rail because customs clearance takes place during the journey; as a result, there are no waiting times on the arrival of consignment for further transhipment.

Shared Train Gain

Skylark Express Delhi working in tandem with other operators offers shared train services to its clients. Shared train services allows for transportation of partial loads that are aggregated together. This is time saving and cost effective especially for regular customers with smaller consignments. 

Customised concepts

Skylark Express Delhi offers a wide range of customer specific, multimodal and end to end logistics solutions. We have the necessary equipment to tranship your goods from ship to rail or from railway wagons to trucks, for example, and can lift even the heaviest loads. Our railway specialist team, develops and handles rail logistics concepts with you for freight forwarding, systems traffic, supply chain management and traction. As a result of cooperation and freight agreements with other railway companies, we pool flows of goods and offer the best solution and favourable conditions. You can follow the data related to your railway shipments through our IT interfaces and our consignment tracking system at any time.