Below are questions we frequently receive from interested parties. If you would like to speak to someone directly, please feel free to call us!

Why would I need the services of a Transportation and Logistics Solutions firm?
Generating cost efficiencies and effectively managing freight movements can be a nightmare to navigate. Carriers will charge variable rates from lane to lane and customer to customer. Our consultants have a wide range of experience in benchmarking and analyzing freight costs with all carrier types. We assist our clients in obtaining the BEST DEAL. Your company gains ALL of the benefits of our expertise and technology solutions at a fraction of the cost in-house operations would cost.

What kind of company uses Skylark Express’ services?
Any company large or small, national or international, in any type of industry will benefit from our services. Any company looking to ensure they pay the lowest possible transportation costs consistent with excellent transit times is a potential client.

What will this cost us?
Skylark Express identifies profit leaks, and typically earns a percentage of the total savings. For most of Skylark Express Delhi’s clients, our services are offered at “NO OUT OF POCKET COST.” Since the savings we achieve for our clients are far greater than the fees Skylark Express collects from its clients, our service doesn’t cost — it pays!

Can you help me manage my domestic and international freight expenses?

YES! We offer a variety of service options to help you manage and reduce your freight expenses for both domestic and international shipping activity. We do not offer “cookie cutter” approaches; we modify our freight management consulting services to meet your company’s distinct needs.

Are many companies choosing to outsource logistics?

Absolutely! It has been estimated that within the next few years, approximately 70% of all top companies will be outsourcing some portion of their logistics function. What are you waiting for?

Can Skylark Express Delhi generate another profit center for us?
Yes. Simply put. . .your savings are your profits!

How much money will Skylark Express Delhi save me?
The actual savings your company can expect to achieve will be outlined in our initial benchmark analysis. This dollar amount obviously varies with each company based on their distinct shipping characteristics and requirements, but we find the average savings range anywhere from 20-50%. And remember, these savings will immediately appear on your company’s bottom line?..where they belong!

Our company ships a significant number of small parcel shipments. Are there any services that we can benefit from?
Skylark Express’s analysts understand all the costs associated with small package shipments and we will help your company reduce those costs through our comprehensive Parcel Carrier Benchmarking and Optimization Services.
Why should I outsource my company’s transportation and logistics function?

Many companies outsource portions of their internal functions to focus more energy on their core strengths. Everything from processing payroll to hiring employees is commonly outsourced. In most cases companies have found that they can achieve better service at lower costs compared to maintaining these functions in-house. They are not only able to reduce expenses, but also gain significant expertise in the specialized field. However, while transportation and logistics costs can represent as much as 20-30% of the cost of doing business, many companies admit they spend little or no time internally trying to reduce these expenses. Put our EXPERTS to work for you!

What is dimensional weight?

The concept of dimensional weight (also known as “dim weight” or “volumetric weight”) has been adopted worldwide by the transportation industry as a means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a shipment occupies while in transit. By charging only for the actual weight, lightweight, low density freight would become unprofitable quickly for freight carriers.  Carriers use the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges, based on the following formula:  (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor).  The “dimensional factor” varies based on metric versus imperial measurement, as well as whether the shipment is domestic versus international.  Contact our customer service department for a more detailed explanation.

What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company?
Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies provide services to other companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient alternative. Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies become an integral part of their customer's supply chain, by offering warehousing and distribution services, value-added services, and warehousing logistics services.

Does Air & Surface Logistics ship personal effects?

No, we do not accept any type of personal effects for shipment.

Can I pack a few personal items in with my business shipment?

No, you may not. Attempting to mix personal effects with a commercial shipment will often result in significant fines by customs officials and/or your shipment being impounded by the local authorities.

Will our data remain private?
100%! We will not share your company's shipping data with anyone.

Will we be required to sign a long-term binding contract?
No. Skylark Express Delhi services are incredibly flexible. If you wish to halt the usage of the system, all we require is a 30-day written notice.